The Challenge Suit is a great addition to cranking the workouts up a notch. Running bleachers, and boot camps are an excellent fit. I've been training for the 22nd Annual Folsom Handcar Derby on May 5th. Which myself and Tiffany are the reigning Champions for Co-ed Handcar Elite Division, and the Co-ed Quadripede Division. I'm also the reigning Champion for the Lt. Heavy Weight Pusher Contest. I've been incorporating the Challenge Suit into training for the Pusher event hoping it will give me an edge.
Ken Benedict, WBFF Pro Bodybuilder
"There is no reason at all to have any other type of weighted apparel, once you have The Challenge Suit. This suit is so versatile, when it comes to training options. It moves with me. There's no rubbing or rashes. Box jumps, running, Olympic lifts etc...the suit doesn't get in the way of anything your trying to do! I love that its the only one of its kind and has weights that cover the legs, a key missing ingredient in knock off versions. The Challenge Suit travels with me. When ever I'm looking to step up and add a challenge to my game I have my suit within arms reach! Literally one of the best products I've ever used in my training!"
Ryan Moody 6-Time Jumping World Record Holder Creator of THEXWOD.com
“I Love This!” Terence Green is currently with the Fort Worth Cats as a part of their organization. He has been with the Cats since 2004 and helped them win back-to-back league championships in 2005 and 2006.
Terrence Green
She also is a World Cup Champion, Three-time Pan American Gold Medalist and World Champion. Holds many world records in her sport of "Softball"! These days she spends much of her time training young athletes, is a leader in her local community and promotes innovation in training, in the world of sports.
Crystl Bustos USA 2X Olympic Gold Medalist and Silver Medalist, Owner of GotBustos Sports Training LLC and Owner of Special Ops Sports.
I love my challenge suit. It has helped me train for my fights in amazing ways. It very comfortable. It fits to my body perfectly. No bulk no bouncing around as I train. I can easily distribute the weight across my body and work different areas. I use it to do my boxing drills. When I do I add more weight to the bicep and tricep areas to simulate when my arms get tired in fights later in rounds. I use it to wrestle and grapple with no problem. Unlike a weighted vest it doesn't restrict what I can do as I'm moving and i don't have to worry about having to adjust my suit. Its very comfortable and sleek looking as well. I use it for my kickboxing and add extra weights in the thigh and hamstring area to simulate heavy legs and to also give my legs the extra push. It clings to be to allow me to do my crossfit weight training as well. I love to shadow box in my suit and and warm up in it before fights so when I take it off I feel fast it helps with my speed. I just want to say thanks to Carl an csports gear for the awesome challenge suit.
Rashad Coulter, MMA Fighter
As a triathlete who is on the frontline for the most challenging and innovative trainning gear, I give the C suit a 10 out of 10. I've noticed great improvements". Thank you C Sports!
Gerardo Nieto, Triathlete
“This Is An Exciting Product” Barron Wortham is a former American football linebaker in the National Football League who played seven seasons. He first played for the Houston Oilers 1994 - 1996, the Tennessee Oilers from 1997 - 1998, the Tennessee Titans from 1999 and the Dallas Cowboys in 2000. While with the Tennessee Titans he started for them in Super Bowl XXXIV.
Barron Wortham, Former Dallas Cowboy