The Challenge Suit

The Challenge Suit is a weighted body-suit designed to hold as many as three one pound weights in each of its 10 pockets, providing a level in resistance training that is unmatched.  The evenly distributed weight in the suit makes it ergonomically correct and protects joints from undo stress.  C Sports’ specially designed weights are flexible and allow for full range of motion.  While it is possible to add weights to specific areas only, it is highly recommended that you keep the weight evenly distributed over the entire body.  Benefits of resistance training are numerous and adding the Challenge Suit to your workout can increase your potential to:

The Weight Sets

Three levels of resistance training in the Challenge Suit can be achieved when adding the specially designed weights to each pocket, creating a 10, 20 or 30 pound suit (C Sports recommends keeping the weights evenly distributed). The weights are easily removable for laundering the suit (machine wash cold-tumble dry).  Weight sets can be purchased in sets of four or ten.

About Carl Graham – Exercise and Nutrition Counselor

Mind over matter

Carl has worked for Heartland Payment Systems where he managed credit card accounts, but his primary interests have always had a focus on exercise and fitness. In his early twenties Graham became involved in the world of body-building, which led him to a career as a personal trainer. He has been a personal trainer for 18 years, working in various facilities including local gyms, the YMCA and his personal training studio. By owning his own fitness facility, managing employees and building clientele, Carl has the know-how to help his clients achieve success.

Carl is certified by the Cooper Institute and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Clients rely on Carl to help them shape their body and to guide them in their journey toward proper nutrition.

As a father of five kids who are all very active, Graham believes in practicing what he preaches. In his spare time, he has enjoyed playing on an indoor soccer league, has won two power lifting competitions and two body building contests where he was the overall winner in one contest. He was named the Southwest USA bodybuilding Champion and Overall Champion in 2002, the 1999 Southwest USA bodybuilding Champion and the 1997-1998 Southwest Powerlifting Champion.  He continues to train consistently and also utilizes the Challenge Suits in his workouts.

When the idea of the weighted body suit was brought to Carl’s attention he was excited about the idea and the endless possibilities.  By listening to feedback from all types of athletes, from the grandmother doing water aerobics to the competitive tri-athlete, he has made changes that will increase the efficacy of the Challenge Suit for everyone. This suit will be a game changer in any type of activity. The Challenge suit will challenge any athlete at any level.